Pretend Play Toys & Little Girl Toys

Pretend Play Toys & Little Girl Toys

Pretend play toys as cute and fun as she is!

Little Girl Style knows how involved little girls can become in their play toys. While it may seem to just be playing to adults, the time spent playing with dramatic little girl toys actually allows girls the chance to learn to be adults. They reenact the roles they see their own moms and dads play. They can break away from being that little girl they are in reality and become someone or something different. Dramatic play is actually important to the developmental learning process of young children. It develops skills like abstract thinking, literacy, math and social studies. Pretend playing in this manner helps children develop socially and emotionally, physically, cognitively and with their language.

Pretend play toys like kitchens allow girls to play house, to practice preparing meals for a family and pretend to be a mom or a chef, baker or restaurateur. Girls will begin by acting out what they have witnessed in real life but as their play develops they may begin to act out fantasies building imagination. Dollhouses in particular allow girls to role play different family members. Playing with a dollhouse can improve attention span, develop social skills and build communication.

Costumes are the delight of every child. Putting on that costume allows children to escape from their own reality into a make-believe or role playing world. If girls are involved in make believe play they use the past experiences of their lives to recreate the event. This is a form of abstract thinking. Our cute DoodleBugz and kids craft accessories collection offers girls the chance to express themselves creatively. Putting on an apron and chef’s hat will allow her to pretend and make-believe. Using crayons and chalk actually allows her to expand her world and gives her a whole other avenue for self-expression and communication. Art helps to develop the right side of the brain and helps to promote skills that will benefit her development.

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