Cute Costumes for Little Girls

Cute Costumes for Little Girls

Let her imagination run wild with a fun costume!

Whether for Halloween, a school play, a holiday or just for fun, she’ll love these cute costumes for girls! Our age-appropriate costumes range from full multi-piece outfits to smaller accessory sets, available in a variety of sizes from toddler to teen. With dresses, headpieces, hats, wigs and more, these cute costumes for little girls help her make believe she’s another person for a while!

These cute costumes for little girls span a range of positive characters: There’s one to suit every girl! Help her learn about and appreciate other countries and peoples with our multicultural costume selection, including Chinese Girl, Dutch Girl, Indian Girl, Mexican Girl, Japanese Girl and more. Or, if she wants to walk in the shoes of her dream profession for a day, occupational costumes like Chef Girl, Flight Attendant, Veterinarian and Red Cross Nurse will fuel her ambitions and her self-esteem.

Of course, cute costumes for girls are also great for transporting them to a fantasy world of make believe, where they can become anyone from Lil’ Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks to a Cupcake, a Firefly or a Rag Doll! Help her dress up--or let her do it herself--and watch her imagination will run wild!

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Adorable Country Girl
Adorable Country Girl Costume Comes complete with: Dress, Hat (with detachable wig) and Green Str..
American Cheerleader
American Cheerleader Little Girl Style is proud to offer this red, white and blue dress feat..
Black and Orange Halloween Witch Costume
Black and Orange Witch This sparkly black and orange witch costume will have your little girl loo..
Colonial Girl
Colonial Girl This Colonial Dress Costume comes with attached Apron, Headpiece. Perfect cost..
Cotton Candy Costume
Cotton Candy Costume Does your little girl love cotton candy?  She will love this cute Cotto..
Creamy Cupcake
Creamy Cupcake Little Girl Style offers the Creamy Cupcake Costume which comes with Vest, Sk..
Deluxe Apple Dress
Deluxe Apple Dress This cute little girl costume from Little Girl Style comes with  Dre..
Deluxe Chef – Girl
Deluxe Chef Costume For Girls Little Girl Style offers this costume which inculdes Shirt, Skirt, ..
Deluxe Chinese Girl
Deluxe Chinese Girl This Deluxe Chinese Dress comes with Dress and Chinese Fan. Av..
Deluxe Dutch Girl
Deluxe Dutch Girl Deluxe Dutch Girl Costume from Little Girl Style comes with Dress, At..
Deluxe Indian Girl
Deluxe Indian Girl Product comes complete with: Dress and Headpiece The most deluxe Indi..
Deluxe Ms. Mouse
Deluxe Ms. Mouse Deluxe Ms. Mouse Costume from Little Girl Style comes with Dress, White Bel..
Deluxe Rag Doll
Deluxe Rag Doll Little Girl Style offers this Deluxe Rag Doll costume which includes the dre..
Drum Majorette
Drum Majorette If your little girl has ever dreamed of being the leader of the band then Little G..
Dutch Girl
Dutch Girl This Dutch Girls costume from Little Girl Style comes with the  Dress and Ba..
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